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We Create Websites geared towards Helping Your Business Grow

Even Keyl Web Design Solutions are members of Mastermind Leaders. An institute that supports Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME).

We have the experience of working with nonprofits and service providers to help them achieve their goals.

3 Top Benefits of a Website to Service Providers

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1. Virtual Proof

Improve Business Credibility

Your website is your online business address, hence this is where customers will go to find you.

It identifies your brand and informs potential customers about your services.

Therefore it legitimizes your business and improves your credibility.

2. Crucial tool for Growth

Build Your Business

A website has become a crucial tool for small businesses. It is now instrumental in building their businesses in the digital age.

Owners can share their start-up stories, goals and plans to connect with visitors.

Therefore increasing the number of customers as they prefer to work with businesses with websites. Businesses additionally, can also grow their teams online by advertising job openings.

3. Web Analytics

Keep Track of your business in real time

Web analytics can help small businesses keep track of real-time performance.

This is a significant benefit as analytics provides valuable time-specific data.

As a result, the number of visitors, unique visitors, number of page views, average time spent on each page can help you grow.

3 Top Benefits of a Website to nonprofits

1. Grow in Popularity

Broaden your reach

Collecting donations is pivotal to all nonprofit organizations as it aids them in accomplishing their goals and mission.

Therefore a strong online web presence can help them build awareness to their cause and attract the required donors.

2. Connect with people

Interact with new and existing donors

An Engaging website provides nonprofits with the platform necessary to meet new people.

Thus they can connect with their visitors and educate them about their cause. Additionally, they can encourage their audience to donate, attend events, and support their cause online.

3. The more the merrier

Grow your database of potential volunteers

With the use of a website and their visitor’s permission, nonprofits can capture the contact information of their visitors via online forms.

As a result, the nonprofit organization now has a database of interested persons willing to help.

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