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Welcome to Even Keyl Web Design Solutions

Our main aim is to help our clients grow their respective businesses. We will leverage the power of website technology to take your business further.
With over 17 years of web experience, we will put our expertise to work. We are diligent in helping our clients meet their project goals.

We are very Passionate about Web Design

We are passionate about helping MSMEs and nonprofits establish their online presence. This presence will create instant credibility with the online community.
Additionally this credibility will provide further exposure to reach more potential customers.

Kyle Peter Alexander

Managing Director & Founder

Kyle has over 17 years of experience in Information and Communications Technology. He completed his Bsc. In Computing and Information Systems in 2008 while still at Petrotrin.

A web designer by trade but he has also branched out into the field of Entrepreneurship. He completed his MBA in 2016 specializing in Entrepreneurial Management.

He now hopes to combine his knowledge and experience of both fields. For the benefit of all Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Non-Profits alike.  

Kyle Peter Alexander - EvenKeyl Web Design Solutions

Responsive Website for Mobile Visitors

Today a responsive website is critical to your business.
Without it you will miss out on engaging with valuable mobile visitors and customers. 

Relevance and standing

A website is positive to your relevance and credibility online community.
It is negative for your business if your competitors have an optimized website and you don’t.

Clear and Direct Call To Action

A call to action tells visitors to your site what to do. How to get in contact with you, how to sign up to your newsletter etc.
Without a clear call to action the visitor will leave with the opportunity lost.

Social Proof

Social sharing allows your customers to share their experience with your brand online.
This provides an opportunity to reach a multitude on users not targeted before.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Dedicated to help Grow businesses with Web Design

Websites are critical to businesses as its a key meeting point with mobile customers.
Most small businesses and nonprofits today, don’t have a website.
A website will help generate new customers and nurture that relationship long term.

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