Getting Started

Before we can get started there are a few conditions required by each potential client. These areas tend to make or break the project, so they are pivotal to our success.

Are you ready?


Goals & Objectives

Definite goals and objectives are pivotal in the success or failure of each project. 
If you don’t have them or are not willing to work with us to define them then we cannot get started.



With your goals defined, you will need an audience.
Building your audience online, is critical to the process of generating new customers.
If you don’t have an audience, we can help you build one through blogging, interviews, education etc.


Passion & Drive

To build an audience, we need a lot of time and effort.
Passion and drive are the key ingredients that sustain the time and effort applied.
When roadblocks occur, these ingredients will become pivotal in meeting our goals.
Even Keyl Web Design List
Even Keyl Web Design Budget
Even Keyl Web Design Time



Every area of a business must have a budget and web design is no different.
A website is a major investment into your business as it will save you time and money.
It is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make in this digital age.



In order for this project to be successful the client must be able to set aside the requisite time.
Constant distractions and unavailability of the client will prove detrimental to their investment.

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