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Project Brief

Here we will ask the right questions to ensure that we identify the appropriate solutions.
This is to ensure that we have a clear understanding of what the client is trying to achieve.



With the project brief recorded, we will create a visual sitemap. This will provide a clear outline of all the pages on the website.

This site map will provide a definite structure that our customers will quickly understand.



With the sitemap agreed upon, we will build an interactive prototype.

This prototype will focus on function, not design – and will show all the pages and the ways the pages interact with each other.

Even Keyl Web Design Project Brief
Even Keyl Web Design Prototype
Even Keyl Web Design
Even Keyl Web Design Delivery



After approval, we will take the interactive prototype and breathe life into it with attractive and exciting design elements.

This is where we ensure that the brand is a reflection of your business. This is what will separate you from your competitors.


Development & Delivery

After the completion of the design, we begin work on the final product.

Once the tests are complete, we will deploy the website so the client can show it off.

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